The meaning of roses

As most people may know, the traditional bouquet of red roses signifies love. But nowadays, depending on who you ask, red roses can be described as anything from a classic bouquet of flowers to original and boring. One thing is certain, however, red roses remain the most popular of them all.

Yellow roses used to represent jealousy, but somewhere along the lines its representation changes to mean joy and friendship. Yellow roses with red tips represent friendship blossoming into love.

White roses are often known as the bridal flower, but the real meaning of white roses is purity, loyalty, and innocence. 

Orange and Coral roses express desire and fascination. Be sure not to send the wrong message with this bold bouquet.

Pink roses have different meanings depending on the shade of pink. Light pink roses express fondness and sympathy, whereas dark pink roses are meant to express feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Purple Roses indicate enchantment and love at first sight. On the other hand, blue roses symbolize, fantasy and the unattainable. Blue roses are not easy to find in South Africa and most available are actually dyed blue. 

The black rose is known to represent death. They are not natural but instead dyed. Hint: It’s pretty safe to say that your sweetie wouldn't want to receive this bouquet (unless they have mentioned liking black flowers).

When different coloured roses are mixed, some of their meanings change. A mix of white and red roses represent unity. Whereas a mix of yellow and red roses symbolize happiness. White and yellow roses represent harmony.

A mix of all coloured roses says "You mean everything to me" due to the broad mix of colours and their meanings. High-Quality Roses for all occasions are the best delivered.

A single-stemmed rose says "I Love You" and two roses intertwined represent an engagement. Any other single rose means "Thank You". Order High-Quality Roses for all occasions from your favourite local flower shop.

Whichever bouquet you decide to send, when the appropriate bouquet ends, it makes it that much more special. You are probably thinking, "What are the chances that the person receiving the bouquet even knows what the colours mean?". Chances are they don't. That would be the perfect opportunity to tell them that you thought of them enough to send the "perfect" arrangement, by researching the colours first. Just think, a gift with thought behind it weighs more on the heart!

Even if you don't take any of the information into consideration, at least you have learned something new. Order High-Quality Roses for all occasions.

Flowers are a way to let someone know you care, so it is no wonder that sending flowers is such a popular way to commemorate events, from the birth of a new baby to Valentine’s Day. In fact, flowers are also the top choice for letting someone know you’re sorry. However, not all flower bouquets are as nice as the rest. Before you send someone flowers, you may want to do a bit of research.

Before you do anything else, take some time to think about the type of flowers that this person enjoys. While most people love red roses, there are a few who prefer colourful wildflower bouquets or exuberant sunflowers instead.

Next, take a look at the different arrangements available. Some come in beautiful vases or include collectables as part of the arrangement. Others come in simple vases that let the flowers shine. 

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After you choose the flowers you want, it is time to send them to that special someone, right? Well, while you may be ordering from a reputable florist, that florist may not be the person actually choosing, arranging, and delivering the flowers. Instead, when flowers are being delivered to someone some distance away, the florist passes the task of filling the order onto a local florist. Ask who will be doing the actual delivery and find out if that florist has a good reputation. Order High-Quality Roses for all occasions. 

Once you send the flowers to the recipient, don’t be afraid to follow up. Many times, a disappointing bouquet is delivered, but the person who received it may be afraid to offend the giver, so doesn’t say anything. If you mention that you want to be sure the arrangement looks fresh and that it contains the proper number of flowers, the recipient will probably be much more forthcoming about the condition of the bouquet. If it sounds like there is a problem, follow up with the florist where you placed your order and the florist who filled it. After all, the person getting your bouquet should get what you paid for. 

Finally, you may want to consider sending a very different type of flower, a living plant. This way, your gift will continue to remind that lucky someone of the event the flowers was sent to commemorate long after a fresh bouquet would be a distant memory. If you are sending flowers to someone with a black thumb, you may want to try sending a dried floral arrangement instead.

Giving a bouquet of beautiful roses makes a clear statement: the receiver of the flowers is dear to the giver in some meaningful way. Different than giving just a bouquet of flowers, roses imply 'Hey, I really mean this!" The giver has made the effort to bestow what some see as the most beautiful and most splendid of flowers, one that for thousands of years has been the symbol of romance and a soother of the heart. 

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Roses have been bred in a variety of colours, each with its particular meaning. Now, there are no hard and fast rules – few recipients will fault one for sending a beautiful bouquet of the 'wrong' colour! But knowing the meaning a certain hue can imply, and giving the appropriate roses, will make the gift all the more wonderful. Discovering the best way to express your love, affection, friendship, thankfulness, joy, or any other of a great multitude of gestures will make the receiver and the giver more fulfilled with the act of giving. Let that someone special in your life know exactly how you feel about them, be they wife or husband, friend or lover, mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or your favourite hero of the day - there are no limitations when sending roses. So let's have a look at the wonderful array of colours and their meanings…

Lover's Red - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Red roses show love, passion, and respect. True red roses say "I love you" more than any other flower; deep red roses imply unconscious beauty, and that true love may be stronger than thorns. It happens that the perfect red rose is more difficult to grow than any other colour – a reflection, perhaps, of perfect love. Other particular colours of red have particular meanings as well: Amaranth red, a long-standing desire. Cardinal red, sublime desire. Carmine, deceitful desire. Fiery red, flames of passion.

Sweet Pink - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Pink roses communicate happiness, appreciation, admiration, and friendship with grace and elegance. There is a sweetness about the gesture, like the way good friends appreciate one another or that special feeling of a grandmother's care. Light pink is more about the sharing of joy, whereas dark pink is more thankful.

Soft Lavender - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Lavender roses, those with a soft purple hue, symbolize love at first sight and enchantment – perhaps with a need for discretion.

Pure White

White roses signify purity in many forms. Loyalty, purity, platonic love, and spiritual love – a love of the soul. Bridal white means happy love. White roses can also signify secrecy reverence humility, innocence, or charm. Note that white roses can symbolize death in Asian cultures.

Friendly Yellow - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Yellow roses in Victorian times meant jealousy, though today yellow shows "I care". The colour is that of familial love and domestic happiness – that of friendship, joy, gladness, or freedom. The yellow rose is also sometimes given in sympathy.

Happy Coral and Orange - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Coral roses, of beautiful orange-pink colour, imply a bright desire. Not quite as 'lusty' as the deep red, but more like "We can (or do) spend happy times together".

The Crone's Black - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Do black roses really exist? Well, there are very deep colours of red, and roses can be dyed. And their meaning depends on whom you ask: some say they are a symbol of death and can be given as an ominous symbol. Others say they represent the death of old habits or patterns and symbolize rebirth…it seems one should know the receiver when giving this colour!

Fantasy Blue - High-Quality Roses for all occasions

Similar black, no true blue roses are grown. They are a fantasy colour, created through the death of the flowers themselves, or the adding of a dye to the bark at the shrub's roots. And like the surreal colour they are, blue represents the wonder and dreamy possibilities.

Mixing rose colours is always a wonderful option – mixing the hues allows one to express feelings in a very personal way. A few "standard" mixes are: White and red to signify unity; red and yellow roses together say "Congratulations!"; yellow and orange in combination imply passionate thoughts.

Other Messages From Roses: A single rose denotes "I still love you", and a bouquet of roses in full bloom expresses the same sentiment in grand fashion; two roses of any colour taped or wired together signify a commitment or forthcoming marriage; giving rosebuds show appreciation for youth and beauty.

With roses and flowers, there are no limitations as to what can be expressed. The colours of the different types of roses all have their unique place in the history of human expression. Knowing the specific meaning of a rose only enhances the experience of sending and receiving them as a glorious and appreciated gift.

Love is the grease that allows the wheel of life to continue turning and sending high-quality roses for all occasions is a way of physically showing your love for another. For when we love we look beyond ourselves, beyond our needs and desires. We sacrifice our time, our energy, our wishes, and sometimes even ourselves because of love. Sometimes it is for an immediate person or group that we know intimately and loves completely, but other times it is for a larger group of people that we don't really know or perhaps even like. It is love that allows law enforcement and emergency services personnel to face danger. It is love that allows soldiers to risk everything. Love makes heroes every day in every corner of the world. As Thomas ã Kempis said: "Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength... It is, therefore, able to undertake all things, and it completes many things and warrants them to take effect, where he who does not love would faint and lie down."

The ultimate definition of love is not about feeling good but rather about doing good. A perfect example of love in action is Mother Teresa who worked so long and so hard on the behalf of others. However, we see it all around us if we look for it. Robert Louis Stevenson said: "The essence of love is kindness."

Love is important because, without it, life has no meaning or purpose. As Frank Tebbets says "A life without love in it is like a heap of ashes upon a deserted hearth, with the fire dead, the laughter stilled and the light extinguished." Love allows us to be more and do more than we could ever accomplish without its power.

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